Кастом Suzuki GSX1100

Некоторые кастомы выглядят эффектно, другие функциональны, а третьи невероятно быстры. Так к какой же категории относится последняя работа французского ателье Ed Turner над Suzuki GSX1100 1980 года выпуска?..

Проект строился вокруг двигателя. Глава мастерской Карл Рено хотел вывести четырехцилиндровую силовую установку на первый план, для чего постарался уменьшить остальные элементы.

Вначале Карл хотел всего лишь изменить заднюю часть рамы, но в итоге сварил полностью новый остов и вклинил в него небольшой стекловолоконный топливный бак на шесть литров. Сидение изготовила на заказ соседняя мастерская, сзади сварили новый маятник и установили моноамортизатор Hyperpro.

У Buell  позаимствовали колеса и переднюю вилку, сварили новый выхлоп, для изготовления клипонов разрезали новехонький руль Renthal. Фронтальная оптика подошла от  Ford Mustang, подножки заказали у Mooneyes.


— от оригинального мотоцикла остался только мотор и несколько труб рамы
— самодельная рама
— самодельный 6-литровый топливный бак из стекловолокна
— кастомный хвост
— самодельное кожаное седло
— перевернутая вилка, снятая с мотоцикла Buell + кастомные траверсы
— новый маятник + моноамортизатор Hyperpro
— 17-дюймовые колеса Buell с резиной Maxxis Goldspeed
— цепная передача
— гоночные воздушные патрубки
— новый выхлоп 4в2
— клипоны Renthal
— фара Ford Mustang
— кастомная покраска

Their 1980 model CBX was equipped with a detuned 95 bhp engine for all markets replacing the previous 105 bhp engine since there were too many complexities involved in producing two separate power units, depending on the country of final sale.  ‘What power would the new 1100cc version of the popular GS1000 90 bhp Suzuki have when it arrived?’ wondered the specialist press. It seemed obvious that with 10 percent more capacity than its smaller stablemates and a brand new four-valve head, it would have much more power. But this was in fact not the case, for the new GSX1100 had a fraction under the permitted 100 bhp. Yet it could still out-perform every other production motor cycle A whole new wave of technology has ebbed over the basic two-valve Suzuki engine to produce the GSX1100 TSCC (twin-swirl combustion chamber) motor. Apart from the obvious doubling of valves, the engine features round cylinder bores in conjunction with squared combustion chambers, an exceedingly complex combustion chamber design to increase swirl for more efficiency and a brand new crankshaft. Interestingly the one obvious advantage of having four valves per cylinder, that of greater valve area, has not been exploited.

The 1100 has a total 38sqmm more valve area per cylinder than the 1100. Out of a total of 1976 sq mm this makes very little difference indeed. However, Suzuki state quite rightly that at lower valve openings the multi valve head is far more efficient. Four 34 mm constant-vacuum carburettors feed the engine which drinks fuel at a rate of 42-48mpg, which is reasonably frugal, considering the machine’s performance.

A normal duplex cradle frame is used for the GSX in conjunction with air forks. With the 1100, Suzuki have sensibly fitted a balance pipe between the two fork legs, so that constant pressure is assured in both. With the 1000 it is quite easy to give one fork leg the slightest amount more pressure and consequently upset the handling. Aside from the usual air-pressure adjustment for the forks, adjustments are almost infinite on the 1100 for there are four spring pre-load and four rebound damping adjustments at the front and four rebound settings and five preload settings at the rear. All something of a nightmare for the novice, but a dream come true for the road-going racer who takes great delight in setting up his bike for every conceivable road condition and style of riding.

Weighing just 535lb, considerably less than its rivals, and with something around 100 bhp on tap, the Suzuki flagship is quite a roadburner. In fact, its standing start quarter-mile time of a fraction under 11.5secs suggests that if anything, the quoted power figures of the engine are a little on the conservative side. Apart from the shattering acceleration and the gearing-governed top speed of 141 mph, the bike pulls like a train in the gears and the mid-range flat spot that is sometimes apparent on the 1000 is missing. Handling is excellent, even better than on previous Suzuki models. In short, it rates with just about any other bike on the market on its time.

General information
Model: Suzuki GSX 1100
Year: 1980
Category: Custom / cruiser
Rating: 65.2 out of 100. Show full rating and compare with other bikes
Engine and transmission
Displacement: 1074.00 ccm (65.54 cubic inches)
Engine type: In-line four, four-stroke
Power: 100.00 HP (73.0 kW)) @ 8700 RPM
Top speed: 217.0 km/h (134.8 mph)
Compression: 9.5:1
Bore x stroke: 72.0 x 66.0 mm (2.8 x 2.6 inches)
Valves per cylinder: 4
Fuel control: Double Overhead Cams/Twin Cam (DOHC)
Cooling system: Air
Gearbox: 5-speed
Transmission type,
final drive:
Chassis, suspension, brakes and wheels
Front tyre: 100/90-19
Rear tyre: 130/90-16
Front brakes: Dual disc
Rear brakes: Single disc
Physical measures and capacities
Weight incl. oil, gas, etc: 259.0 kg (571.0 pounds)
Fuel capacity: 15.00 litres (3.96 gallons)
Other specifications
Further information
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